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Working With Children with Language Impairment in the Mainstream Setting

This is the 13th year of this popular course for SENCos, Teachers and Teaching Assistants to help them to work more effectively with children who have Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). In order to gain their certificate (pass the course), participants will complete a written portfolio about a specific child in their setting with SLCN.

Multi-session course for

SENCos, teachers and Teaching Assistants who work with pupils with SLCN.

Presented by

Jane Hogg - Educational Psychologist - and Marion Jones - NHS Speech and Language Therapist

Knowledge and understanding

This certificated course is for teaching staff who are working regularly with children who have identified speech, language and communication difficulties (SLCN).The focus of the course is not specifically for children with Downs Syndrome or Autism. It includes information about:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Typical language development.
  • The development of the sound system (phonology).
  • The risk factors for challenging behaviour that is associated with SLCN.
  • Pragmatic and social skills.

Participants will learn how to

  • Follow SLT reports and carry out some assessments to support target setting and interventions.
  • Support children who have receptive and expressive language difficulties.
  • Work on speech sounds.
  • Contribute to the evaluation and review of the pupil's progress.

Course content and methodology

The course runs over eight half-day sessions.  The school is asked to allocate a mentor with whom teaching staff can discuss their learning.  Mentors will be invited to the last session when participants present what they have learned (displaying an activity that they have developed to support a child’s communications needs).  Teaching staff will be required to complete homework assignments after each session to embed their learning and add into their portfolio (see below).

In view of this it is important that teaching staff attend ALL sessions.

In order to gain their certificate (pass the course), teaching staff will complete a written portfolio about a specific child in their setting with SLCN. The portfolio will include 5 sections:

  • Learning statements and personal review.
  • Assessments of their focus child.
  • The SALT programme and learning targets for their focus child  with an activity log which gives evidence of reflective thinking.
  • The details of one intervention that they have undertaken with their focus child.
  • Appropriate next targets for their focus child.

Intended impact on practice

Teaching staff will be able to work more effectively with the class teacher/SENCo to encourage and support learning for children with SLCN. This course is a good foundation for anyone considering applying for the ELKLAN NVQ level 3 accreditation.

Other Booking Information

Teaching staff should be working regularly with a child who has SLCN, and must be able to commit to attending all eight sessions. Schools need to allocate a mentor with whom participants can discuss their learning. 

The full cost of the programme is Sub £470  Full £564. This will be split over two financial years as follows:

2016-17         HTLC Sub £350   Full £420

2017-18         HTLC Sub £120   Full £144


standard rate

Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: SENC0931

Standard rate: £420

Subscribers: £350