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'Hope, Peace and Remembrance' - Art Workshop to Develop Art Installations for Commemoration of World War I in 2018

This workshop will enable participants to have the opportunity to explore different creative collage and craft techniques. These will be suitable for children of all ages and abilities as well as staff and schools' communities and will be used to make white hanging installations for a county exhibition and/or to a school's own display to acknowledge this historic event.

Part day course for

Teachers and teaching assistants from all phases.

Presented by

Jayne Stillman - HIAS Inspector/Adviser Visual Arts

Course pre-requisites

  • Interest in being involved in a county art project.

  • Desire to explore creative ways to make art to commemorate an historic event and to participate in a local or county opportunity to display work in a public space.

Knowledge and understanding

  • Creative approaches to using collage and textiles for art installations that consider audience and purpose.

  • An appreciation of the historical event of World War 1 and possible cross-curricular links to art and craft skills and techniques.

  • Opportunities for combining and contributing artwork by children and adults to bigger displays in the county for Summer/Autumn 2018.

  • An appreciation of 'Hope, Peace and Remembrance'.

  • Ideas for artwork and World War 1 in the classroom and school.

  • A progression of ideas and skills for all phases and schools.

Participants will learn how to

  • Explore using collage and craft to develop ideas for creative projects and county art installations.

  • Consider displaying artwork for a collaborative commemorative event.

  • Be able to understand the context of the historical event and identify opportunities for different curriculum subjects to respond.

  • Offer exciting workshops for a school's community.

Course content and methodology

  • Practical creative activities.

  • Group discussion.

  • Time to reflect and plan.

  • Share current practice.

  • Plan participation in the event and consider audience and purpose in school and a wider community context.

Intended impact on practice

  • Create artwork to feature in county exhibitions to commemorate World War 1 remembrance services across the County and in the local community.

  • Knowledge and confidence to use collage, craft and mixed media approaches and skills.

  • An appreciation of contextual ideas about the historical event.

  • Considerations of cross-curricular links.

  • Participate in a wider commemorative event and submit towards an art installation.

  • Celebration in county at key events (dates to be confirmed in 2018).

Other Booking Information

Participants should:

  • Be dressed for practical activities.

  • Have a bag/box to take artwork away.


standard rate

Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: ARTC0222

Standard rate: £192

Subscribers: £160

SLA: £95