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Teaching Reading with Impact - 'Big Picture' Thinking

A course developing the structures and processes for the planning and teaching of reading at whole school level – ensuring continuity and progression by year group. Models and ideas to frequently asked questions about creating an engaging, but rigorous, reading curriculum that ensures impact for all learners.

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Emma Scribbans - HIAS Teaching & Learning Adviser for English - Emma Scribbans is a Teaching and Learning Adviser for the HIAS English team, who is passionate about developing an engaging and motivating English curriculum that raises outcomes for all learners.

Aims of the course:

  • To understand and develop a rigorous long term overview to ensure children are exposed to and progress through a wide range of texts and quality authors including non-fiction, narrative, wordless picture books, film, poetry etc across the curriculum.
  • To create a curriculum that enables reading themes and conventions to be explored effectively.
  • To utilise and enhance a text driven writing curriculum with the teaching of reading .
  • To ensure progression and continuity for the teaching of reading strategies.
  • To explore shared reading vs guided reading – when, why, how?
  • To break down National Curriculum reading statements - developing progression across year groups.
  • Effective long, medium and short planning – considering a holistic view of all opportunities.
  • Balancing and enabling curriculum opportunities for ‘reading as reader’ ‘reading as a writer’ ‘reading for pleasure’ ‘reading for pace and stamina’.

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The total cost is Sub £250 SLA £140 Full £300 and will be spread over two financial years as follows

  • 17/18 Sub £130 SLA £70 Full £156
  • 18/19 Sub £120 SLA £50 Full £144


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Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: ENGL1948

Standard rate: £156

Subscribers: £130

SLA: £70