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Primary English Core Provision: Subject Co-ordinator and Headteacher Network Group Briefing 2017/18

As the final part of the Primary English Core Provision (ENGL1965), this network briefing is for the subject co-ordinator and headteacher pairing.

Part day course for

English subject co-ordinators with their headteacher.

Presented by

HIAS English Team

Knowledge and understanding

The briefing will focus on key developments in English, providing delegates with opportunities to network and update their knowledge in key skills in English teaching and learning.

Participants will learn how to

Develop their leadership of English, reflect on current practices and action plan for school improvement.

Dates and Areas

Please choose the event for your district. You should have already booked the corresponding event on ENGL1965.

ENGL1966-17AA: Basingstoke and Deane am

ENGL1966-17AB: Basingstoke and Deane pm

ENGL1966-17AC: East Hants am

ENGL1966-17AD: East Hants pm

ENGL1966-17AE: Eastleigh am

ENGL1966-17AF: Eastleigh pm

ENGL1966-17AG: Fareham and Gosport am

ENGL1966-17AH: Fareham and Gosport pm

ENGL1966-17AI: Hart and Rushmoor am

ENGL1966-17AJ: Hart and Rushmoor pm

ENGL1966-17AK: Havant am

ENGL1966-17AL: Havant pm

ENGL1966-17AM: New Forest am

ENGL1966-17AN: New Forest pm

ENGL1966-17AO: Test Valley am

ENGL1966-17AP: Test Valley pm

ENGL1966-17AQ: Winchester am

ENGL1966-17AR: Winchester pm

Other Booking Information

Although this network briefing is for the subject co-ordinator and headteacher pairing, each delegate will be charged individually.


standard rate

Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: ENGL1966

Standard rate: £96

Subscribers: £80

SLA: £35