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Get It Covered! Hints and Tips for Support Staff who will be Occasionally Covering Classes

This course is for support staff who may, under the direction of a qualified teacher, be required to occasionally cover whole classes. The aim of the course is to equip them with an understanding of the role. The course will provide them with strategies for behaviour and learning to use in the classroom and give them an insight into how children learn. Participants will come away with some practical ideas to use in the classroom.

One day course for

All support staff who may be expected to cover classes under the direction of a qualified teacher.

Presented by

Kathleen Digby - Hampshire Lead Teacher, Patricia Langley - School Workforce Adviser

Course Outline

This active course encourages support staff who may be required to provide occasional cover to reflect upon the work in its broadest terms.  It considers the expectations of the school, teachers, pupils and parents.  It explains the necessary skills for the role such as being prepared and behaviour management.  Time is spent on the dynamics of teaching and learning using activities to reinforce the importance of an appreciation of learning styles and specific needs.

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Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: SSTP0002

Standard rate: £180

Subscribers: £150