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Philosophy for Children - SAPERE Level 2A and Level 2B (combined)

A two two-day course aimed at developing theory and practice in Philosophy for Children. The course will enable you to examine the nature, purpose and methods of philosophical enquiry as well as to better explain to colleagues, parents and other professionals how P4C has positive impacts on both your school's (or other educational context) standards and values.

Multi-session course for

Teachers who already have Level 1 SAPERE Philosophy for Children accreditation and who are interested in leading curriculum development in their context through enquiry with children and young people.

Presented by

Patricia Hannam - County Inspector/Adviser RE, History & Philosophy

Course pre-requisites

  • Level 1 SAPERE accreditation.

Knowledge and understanding

  • Experience of facilitating classroom communities of philosophical enquiry.

Participants will learn

  • How to choose and create materials to stimulate deeper philosophical thinking and dialogue and how to plan for progress in P4C across a key stage or whole school curriculum.
  • Ways of extending practices for better philosophical thinking and facilitation through exploring reflective techniques to identify how to improve P4C practice.
  • More about the theory and practice of critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking and explore some of the social, political and ethical dimensions of P4C.
  • Ways of establishing criteria for planning and evaluating progress over time with philosophical enquiry.
  • Many practical ways to encourage critical, creative, collaborative and value based thinking across the school.

Course content and methodology

  • Presentations.
  • Group and individual tasks.
  • Models of philosophical enquiries.
  • Participants prepare to facilitate elements of an enquiry with their peers.

Intended impact on practice

  • Participants will develop their understanding of the theory and practice of enquiry-based learning.
  • Participants will be prepared to deliver twilight INSET sessions in P4C.

Course progression

  • Participants on this course will receive Level 2A and Level 2B SAPERE accreditation.
  • There is the possibility to progress to Level 3.
  • Possibility of becoming lead practitioner in P4C and developing enquiry-based learning in the curriculum.

Participants should bring

  • Examples of previous philosophical enquiries.

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standard rate

Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: PHIL0008

Standard rate: £780

Subscribers: £650

SLA: £360