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Standardisation Events for Year 2 Teachers - Reading and Writing

This session is intended to support Year 2 teachers in carrying out their statutory obligation to assess children at the End of Key Stage 1 against the Interim Framework in reading and writing.

One day course for

Year 2 teachers.

Presented by

HIAS Assessment and English Teams with KS1 Moderators

This session is primarily to support Year 2 teachers in securing their statutory teacher assessments at the end of Key Stage 1.  Teachers will have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from other school and LA moderators. The feedback for teachers from these sessions is intended to help them to check that there is evidence to support achievement against the 'Pupil can....' statements in the Interim Framework and identify any additional evidence required prior to making their End of Key Stage teacher assessments.

The aim is that this event will enable schools to feel more confident in their teacher assessment judgements.

It is essential that each delegate brings the following material to the session:

Work for both writing and mathematics for a pupil who:

  • Is 'on track to meet the expected standard (EXS)' by the end of the year (but is not yet meeting end of key stage expectations fully).

  • Is expected to achieve ‘greater depth (GDS)’ by the end of the year.

  • Please also bring current planning documents, any examples of short and mid-term planning and tracking documents where completed for your pupils.


  • Each child's work sample should include a range of genres completed since September 2017.

  • It is helpful to signpost significant pieces of evidences, check that work is dated and to indicate on key pieces the extent of independence e.g. some schools annotate with 'I'.

  • If possible, include work from different curricular areas.


  • Home/school reading diaries.

  • Indication of reading level or book bands if used.

  • Guided reading records.

  • Any additional reading records kept by the school


standard rate

Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: ARRA2856

Standard rate: £156

Subscribers: £130

SLA: £55