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Getting Creative With Non-Fiction: Choosing and Using Quality Texts to Achieve High Quality English Outcomes

This course supports teachers in thinking outside the box when it comes to planning for non-fiction in the English curriculum. A range of stimulus will be explored, including film, poetry and exciting nonfiction texts to raise outcomes in spoken language, reading, grammar and writing.

Multi-session course for

KS1 and KS2 teachers who want to inject some creativity into the teaching of non-fiction.

Presented by

Emma Scribbans - HIAS Teaching & Learning Adviser for English

Participants will:

·  Choose and use appropriate, engaging and challenging non-fiction texts – including exploring how poetry, film, pictures and narrative can also be nonfiction 

·  Analyse a wide selection of high quality texts within the sessions – exploring themes, audience, purpose and form

·  Learn how to use a range of creative teaching strategies to stimulate and generate ideas for writing – thinking outside the box for writing outcomes, including blogs, sports commentaries etc

·  Learn how to teach analytical reading skills while promoting enjoyment of non-fiction

·  Learn how to embed effective grammar teaching within context of nonfiction drivers and outcomes

·  Create units of work which build on great writing models to produce excellent writing outcomes.

·  Time to plan high quality units of work using the resources available at the course

·  Be expected to teach the unit planned within the session as a gap task – sharing outcomes of the gap task on the second session

Other Booking Information

The total cost is Sub £290 SLA £130 Full £348 and will be spread over two financial years as follows

  • 17/18 Sub £170 SLA £65 Full £204
  • 18/19 Sub £120 SLA £65 Full £144


standard rate

Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: ENGL1983

Standard rate: £204

Subscribers: £170

SLA: £65