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EVC / Headteacher Updates for Outdoor Visit Management

Twilight briefings for West Berks Head Teachers / EVCs with respect to updates and changes in guidance, practice and other aspects of managing and planning all off site visits and trips.

1 hour briefing for

Head Teachers & EVCs only - schools are requested not to send multiple staff as places are limited.

Presented by

Stuart Nundy, Clare Dobbs

Following the changes to West Berkshire guidance, risk assessment templates and other documentation in September, and the successful  series of EVC Update sessions, we are offering two additional Update sessions for West Berkshire Head Teachers and EVCs.

The update session will delve deeper into  the new guidance, as well as answering  any questions EVCs may have.  In addition, there are several other national and local messages relating to visits and trips  which will be covered during the sessions.

The agenda will cover:

    • National Guidance
    • Inclusion issues
    • Risk Assessment templates
    • EVOLVE Plus
    • Questions and queries from the floor

Other Booking Information

A nominal £5 charge for attendance to cover room and refreshment costs. The sessions will start at 3.30 promptly and finish by 4.30.


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Provided by: Outdoor Education

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