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Assessment of English as an Additional Language and the DfE Proficiency Scale

The course introduces the new EAL Assessment Framework, which supports school-based staff to track the progress of their EAL cohorts and to make accurate judgements in relation to the DfE Proficiency Scale for the Spring Census return.

2 hour briefing for

Teachers and support staff working with EAL pupils (primary and secondary phases), EAL Co-ordinators and Head Teachers/Senior leaders

Presented by

Sarah Coles - EMTAS Consultant

The new EAL Assessment Framework enables teachers to establish a baseline for their EAL pupils and to track progress in their acquisition of English. The course introduces the new Framework and provide opportunities to apply it through case study examples.  It aims to provide practitioners with the knowledge and understanding to do this in an informed way. Links between the new Framework and the DfE Proficiency Scale will be made, enabling school staff to make accurate judgements about their EAL pupils’ proficiency in English across the curriculum for the Spring Census return.

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Delegates should download and bring on tablet or as hard copy the Bell Foundation EAL Assessment Framework, available from


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Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: EMTA0032

Standard rate: £84

Subscribers: £70