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Cracking the "Close Tos": Increasing the Attainment of Lower Achieving Pupils through Explicit Teaching of Metacognition and Self Regulation Strategies

The course will explore the impact of strategies that schools are currently implementing and aim to focus teaching for lower attaining pupils (who have no SEND) more effectively. The course consists of a review of current thinking, action research and sharing best practice across schools. The project will run over two terms with up to 20 schools from across Hampshire. There will be four face-to-face sessions over the course of the project, with action research in the schools taking place during the year in between these sessions.

Multi-session course for

Primary School Year Leaders/Phase Leaders/Class Teachers

Presented by

Sarah Dunn - General Phase Inspector/LLP - Sharon Taylor - General Phase Inspector/Adviser

Knowledge and understanding

The sessions focus on developing theoretical knowledge and understanding metacognition pedagogies that have a proven impact on improved attainment for lower attaining pupils.

Course content and methodology

Session 1

  • Introduction - why are we here? 
  • Theory – metacognition and self regulation
  • Baseline – what do we currently do? 
  • Gap task – identify focus group of pupils and undertake ‘baseline’ assessments ‘what is the impact of our current strategy?’  ‘Are we utilising it to the full?’ 
  • Further reading

Session 2

  • Use of language - impact on learners
  • In groups - review outcomes of gap task – draw out any general findings, or specific things of interest    
  • Decide on ‘action research’ – how are you going to refine your pedagogy in terms of these pupils?
  • Planning 

Session 3

  • Metacognitive strategies eg Solo Taxonomy
  • Where are they now? – impact to date of action research – with work samples/evidence. 
  • What works? Embedding good practice and sharing it across the school.

Session 4

  • Review, impact assessment and next steps.

Other Booking Information

This programme is split across two financial years. The total cost is Sub £275  SLA £175 Full £330 which will be spread over two financial years as follows:

  • 17/18 Sub £205 SLA £130 Full £246
  • 18/19 Sub  £70  SLA  £45  Full £84


standard rate

Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: HTLC0103

Standard rate: £246

Subscribers: £205

SLA: £130