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Year 3 is a tricky year group. Not only have children got to get to grips with a new teacher, but they are often finding their feet in a new school. They are unsure about the expectations that will be placed on them and about whether the skills and knowledge they learnt in infant school still apply. Many will be ready for the challenges of the Key Stage 2 curriculum, but most will have some gaps in their learning and for some, these gaps will be significant. This course will show Year 3 teachers how to use the first half-term to quickly and effectively assess children’s learning and ensure optimal progress.

Multi-session course for

Year 3 Teachers

Presented by

Chris Cheal - Teaching and Learning Adviser (English)

This project brings together Year 3 teachers to design rich assessment tasks to use in the essential first half-term of junior school. Delegates will learn how to build a picture of where children are in reading and writing – more than just a level or statement of having met/not met end of year expectations, but an in depth look at which building blocks from Year 2 are secure and which ones are missing or weak. They will then work on designing short teaching sequences to quickly and effectively plug gaps in learning and move children through the first phase of learning in Year 3. There will be a strong emphasis on continuous assessment, in line with the Hampshire assessment model.


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Provided by: Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College

Course code: ENGL2010

Standard rate: £468

Subscribers: £390

SLA: £260