Getting to Grips with the Primary RE Agreed Syllabus (RELI1868-18AA)

6 spaces, RESTRICTED Winchester

This course is for all teachers in primary schools who need to know more about the Living Difference III syllabus. The course will introduce the cycle of enquiry and talk through the stages involved in it. It will look at the concepts the syllabus has and how to use them effectively when planning RE. Finally, the course will help teachers begin to plan effective RE teaching using an enquiry approach.

Part day course for

All primary school teachers.

Presented by

Justine Ball - General Inspector/Adviser for Primary RE

You will:

  • Be better informed about the legal requirements for RE.
  • Become famliar with the enquiry into concepts approach.
  • Be able to teach and plan using the cycle of learning with confidence.
  • Be able to develop higher order questioning and thinking in RE.

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27/02/2019 09:00 12:30 Winchester area


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Course RELI1868  Provided by  Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College