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Outdoor Education, PE & DofE Service

Outdoor Education, PE & DofE Service Offer

We provide advice, guidance, regulation and training on all aspects of good practice and safety management when off-site and engaged in educational visits and outdoor learning. This includes:

  • A checking and approval service for all off-site visits which involve adventurous activity, are residential or include travel abroad, via the web-based Evolve system
  • The facility to use this system for recording and tracking all off-site visits, including those which are internally approved by the Head of Establishment
  • Advice and guidance documentation for all aspects of outdoor education and learning, regularly updated and made available to all establishments we work with
  • monthly e-newsletters informing colleagues of any local or national updates
  • access to specific advice via phone or email, and the potential for arranging bespoke consultation or training
  • the promotion and development of all aspects of outdoor learning, within the school grounds and beyond
  • access to the Trailblazer outdoor learning scheme, with potential accreditation for your young people

We work with over a wide range of establishments, mainly across Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and West Berkshire. The Outdoor Education Service is available as part of a sold service, including PE & DofE

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